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Honett Szerviz Ltd.


 The activities of HONETT Service Ltd.

Honett Service Ltd. was established in 2001 with the aim to provide catering servicesconforming to EU quality requirements by the continuous improvement of technological background and supplier network for Hungarian and international air travel companies.
Its mission statement includes the provision of quality catering services and wide range of meals, the quick fulfilment of the diverse needs of the airlines and the ability to respond to the challenges of the market.
The company pays distinguished attention to the organization of its manufacturing background, the good quality of the ingredients, the creation of competitive prices and accurate and reliable delivery.
In autumn 2005 the new centre (3600m2) was constructed as a private investment. Close to Liszt Ferenc Airport, it has started business as one of Europe’s most modern catering plant.
With its wide-range supplier network, the company is able to continuously provide cold, frozen and hot dishes meeting various needs, different beverages, confectionary products and pre-packed foods.
Nowadays, our most important partners include WizzAir, Travel Service, Air Europe, FedEx, GAT, CSA and Private Flight.
Besides in-fight catering service Honett Service Ltd. deals with daily food house delivery. In 2009 Honett Service Ltd. bought the Total Food Brand. On a daily basis our company produces 30 different kinds of dishes which are consumed all over the country by pensioners, business centres or even children in kindergartens.
Furthermore, since 2009 Honett Service Ltd. prepares frozen sandwiches – upon their special requests - for WizzAir flights, and supplies their stations in Central Europe, from Gdansk to Sofia.
The business policy of the company is defined by customer-focused relations and partnership-based co-operations. The company acquired a quality certificate corresponding to the DIN EN ISO 22000:2005 international standards. The operation of the organization is regulated, transparent and the technological processes meet the strict requirements of HACCP. In October 2009 Honett Service Ltd. received the EU number. In addition – amongst others - Gate Gourmet has also audited our factory.
Within Honett the operation of the organization is regulated, transparent and the technological processes meet the strict requirements of NATOthus we received the NATO Suppliers Certification too.
Due to the state-of-the-art equipment, the excellent working environment, the qualified employees and the strict safety and security regulations, the company provides quality service.  
Why choose us?
Because we have experience in serving Hungarian and foreign needs,
We are flexible,
Financially strong, and,
We have a future for development.
The quality policy of Honett Service is:
Accuracy - Reliability
Proficiency- Quick adaptability
Quality services for partners and passengers!
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